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A summer wedding at The Old Marylebone Town Hall

Updated: Apr 11

Rory and Nat were supposed to get married in France in 2020, with a small ceremony in London for close friends and family who could not make it to their French wedding. Of course, when the pandemic hit, all 2020 and early 2021 weddings were cancelled or postponed. Rory and Nat were unable to go ahead with their wedding in France, so the small London wedding became a much bigger affair.

They were married at the beautiful Old Marylebone Town Hall and then travelled, in a gorgeous classic Ford Mustang, to their reception at Rory's parents' house

Getting ready at The Landmark London.

Flowers by The Fresh Flower Company.

Nat's father then walked her across the road to The Old Marylebone Town Hall. A small number of guests were able to attend their wedding ceremony.

At the reception, they were joined by the rest of their guest. There was live music, dancing, magic tricks, a bar and food galore.

Being entertained by the magician, Adam Keisner.

Tacos by Ruben's Reubens.

With everything that has happened in the world over the past few months, I feel incredibly grateful to be able to see weddings happening again. I think we all now appreciate these moments a little bit more. It is so lovely to see people coming together and celebrating love and life. This was not what Rory and Nat had initially planned for their wedding, but it was an emotional and beautiful day. They were able to get married surrounded by the people who love them and they celebrated a day that they will never forget. Congratulations to you both!

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