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How to choose your wedding photographer.

Your wedding photographer is probably one of the first suppliers that you will look at hiring for your wedding day. But where do you start? All you have to do is look at any local wedding group on social media to see that there are hundreds of photographers in your area. Your wedding photos are one of the few things that you will keep after your big day. Your photos will decorate your house and be shared with your children and grandchildren many years after the event. On the actual day, your photographer is the person who is with you from the time you are getting ready to the evening celebrations. It is therefore vital that you find the right photographer for you. Here are some things to consider when choosing your photographer.

Bride and groom in a field of wheat

Black and white image of a wedding couple cuddling.

Tear shaped ring next to a bridal bouquet


Each photographer has their own style; make sure that you love their work. Make sure that you like how they edit their colours and how they capture moments throughout the day. Do you want a look that is trendy and modern or one that is timeless and classic? Are you happy for the style to date? Do you like how they edit both colour and black and white photos? Look at their work on their website and social media, but do remember that these galleries are a small snapshot of their work. Don't be afraid to ask a photographer if you can see an example of a whole gallery from a wedding day. You can then be sure that their work is consistent and you will be clear about what you are going to get. Consider what their work looks like on sunny days and overcast days. Will their editing style work with the colours and location you have chosen? As a wedding photographer, I want my clients to choose me because they love how my images look.

Bride and her father walking across the lawns of Hinton St Mary Estate

Bride and her father walking up the aisle at Brickhouse Vineyard Devon

Bridesmaid cuddling the bride


This builds on the first point; look around and be sure that you have looked at the work of other photographers. Don't just look at their style, but also the packages that they offer. For example, look at their gallery delivery times, how many images you receive, whether you receive prints, downloadable gallery or USB etc. Be clear about your priorities and where you are happy to compromise. Look at their blogs as this often showcases some of their resent work and will give you a better idea of their style.

Groomsmen carrying the groom on their shoulders

Groom dropping rings from one hand to another

Bridesmaids sat on the grass


Post Covid, we don't necessarily need to meet face to face in a coffee shop to have a chat. The wonders of technology now mean that couples can chat to their photographer over the computer from the comfort of their own homes. As I mentioned above, your photographer is probably the supplier that you will see the most of on you special day. It's important that you are comfortable with them and you like the way that they work. Chatting with them, discussing your hopes for the day and asking them questions about how they work will all help you determine if you are a good fit.

Wedding cake with dried flowers

Bride with her father and bridesmaids getting ready to walk down the aisle

Guests laughing at a wedding at Knowle Manor Dunster


Be clear on your budget, but also be realistic. You are not just paying for a photographer to take photos on the day. That is just a small part of what a wedding photographer does. When you invest in your photographer you are paying for their experience, training, equipment, preparation time such as emails, phone calls and paperwork, website galleries, USB and prints, and last but not least, editing time. Many photographers, including myself, hand edit all of a client's gallery. This is hours worth of work, but if you want that level of service and care taken over your images, you will need to pay for it. We all want value for money, but you also want a quality product; images that you love and someone who is trustworthy and reliable and who will actually turn up on your wedding day.

Bride laughing at the Brickhouse Vineyard Devon

Bride and groom standing in a field of wheat

Father of the bride making a speech at the Brickhouse Vineyard


Check that your photographer is fully insured. That is not just insurance for their equipment, but also indemnity and public liability insurance. Some venues even insist to see this before they allow a photographer to work at their venue.

Grooms holding hands whist walking in a meadow.

Bride and bridesmaids linking arms and walking along a path


Firstly, make sure that you get one from your photographer. When you receive it, make sure that you read it. You will then have a clear idea about the expectations on you from the photographer and what you can expect from them. Be realistic with the contract; it is to protect both parties.


When signing your contract and making your payment, do it promptly. Some photographers will hold your date for you for a specified amount of time, but after that your date will be open for booking again. Therefore, if you do not make your payment and sign your contract quickly, you could lose the service of your chosen photographer.

Bride and groom kissing at Hinton St Mary Estate

Father and young son at Knowle Manor Dunster

Portrait of a bride in the woods


I would recommend that you book your photographer soon after you have chosen your date and the area you want to get married. Photographers are often booked a couple of years ahead.

Grooms laughing

Bride and groom kissing whilst guests throw confetti

Best man holding the wedding rings in a box

Guests at a wedding at Knowle Manor Devon

Venues: The Brickhouse Vineyard, Devon.

Knowle Manor, Somerset.

Hinton St. Mary Estate, Dorset.

Hi! My name is Emma and I am a Somerset-based wedding and family photographer. who captures people's stories all over the west country. If you would like to discuss your wedding or family photoshoot with me, I would love to hear from you.


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