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What's so good about lifestyle photography?

Firstly, let me try to explain what exactly lifestyle photography is, and then why I love it so much.

I can remember, in the days before I became a professional photographer and just enjoyed taking pictures of my family and friends, I really had no awareness of what lifestyle photography was. To be honest, I don't even remember it being something that was offered. If you wanted a photographer, it was usually for a wedding or a photoshoot in a studio. Little did I know that I was actually doing lifestyle photography every time I took my camera out. It is capturing natural, everyday moments as they evolve.

Lifestyle photography is my favourite! Capturing the magic in the mundane, showcasing those moments that are based on the desire to DO, not always posing for the camera. When I look back at my own family photos, the lifestyle photos are my favourite. They stir emotions. Don't get me wrong, I love the more posed family shots too, but there is something about a lifestyle shot that captures the feelings of the moment, the realness of life at that time. These are often the little moments that are forgotten as time goes by, and yet are the images that I treasure the most.

Don't be fooled though, many of these lifestyle pictures have had some direction from the photographer (myself), especially on a paid shoot where time is limited. But snuggles on the sofa, the mess of baking a cake with children, giggles with your toddler and tickles with a fluffy head of grass are the everyday moments that can be captured by your photographer.

As I've learnt my trade, I have learnt to look out for these little moments of beauty. I have learnt how to use light, angles and details to create art from the 'every day'. To be completely honest, I wish I had had professional lifestyle pictures of my family taken when my boys were babies/ toddlers. We had some lovely studio photos taken (and I love them) but we do not have any of those intimate family moments.

My husband tried his best, but I don't have many pictures of me with my baby boys, and the ones that I do have are of questionable quality. I know that if I had had some professional lifestyle photos taken, I would absolutely treasure them.

As my passion for photography grew, and I learnt how beautiful lifestyle photography could be, I began to realize what I had missed. So now, I am always armed with my camera and I have captured thousands of little moments with my family. I now love doing it for others. And the beauty is, that it doesn't require everyone having big smiles. This style of photography is perfect for young families, where trying to organise toddlers is as easy as herding cats. With lifestyle photography, you have the freedom to go with the flow; capture the fun, the tears and the beautiful messiness of family life.

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